Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Meet the Barking Book Club!


Meet Cole,
our newest member of the Barking Book Club!
Cole lives in Dallas Texas. It is rumored that this handsome boy likes to don a Stetson cowboy hat while line dancing to country music with his feline roomie Sadie on Saturday nights. This of course all happens after their pet humans go to sleep. It is a well known fact that Labs do make some of the best dancers.
Cole sent us this lovely note and photo. Thank you Cole and his guardians, Jean & Norm.

Hi jeanie and Norm,


I'm Cole, a rescue from Hurricane Harvey now living in Dallas, Texas.


I enjoy my morning walks around White Rock Lake and riding around town in the convertible.


I enjoyed reading your book. Thanks for sending it.



Nubi juan Kenobi proof-reader & snoopervisor during the writing of BARKOPAEDIA: The Canine Book of Knowledge. He is most displeased that his name is not on the cover!

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