Friday, April 9, 2021

BARKOPAEDIA goes to Washington!


  Our book, BARKOPAEDIA: The Canine Book of Knowledge is on its way to Champ & Major Biden at the White House!

There are a few chapters for dogs that suffer from stress, anxiety and other emotional issues that Major may benefit from. Major is a rescue which can sometimes cause lots of unresolved issues. Also, he is a German Shepherd - (one of my favorite breeds!) and GSDs are very protective of their owners and territory. Being in a new environment may have triggered a few of those bites! Sending love to them both.

I am smitten with those magnificent bat ears.  

More info on BARKOPAEDIA:

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Don't Be A Fool! Learn something new in April.


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April Online Class Sale Info 

All online classes taught by acupuncturist, herbalist & author:
jeanie mossa MS L.Ac.

Treating Allergies and Asthma with Alternative Medicine: Breathe Easy with Natural Remedies & Therapies

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Traditional Chinese Medicine to Enhance Your Body’s Defenses- Just in time for Cold and Flu season!

Learn how Traditional Chinese Medicine can help boost the immune system, help the body to fight pathogens, colds, viruses and other illnesses. Other modalities not part of Traditional Chinese Medicine such as supplements, vitamins, medicinal mushrooms for anemia, cancer treatment and prevention, exhaustion, stress and anxiety will be included.

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Happy! Healthy! Woman! Treating Female Disorders With Alternative Medicine

Natural Remedies for Common OB/GYN Issues

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Basic Canine Acupressure for Dog Owners

An introductory online course on how to ease your dog’s pain, stress and common ailments with acupressure. This class is for dog owners and those who work with dogs who want to learn acupressure techniques and theories. (These techniques may be used for humans, cats & horses as well. The point locations are the same!)

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Healing Flower Essences and Crystals for Animals: Emotional First Aid for Pets

This class will cover healing Flower Remedies and Crystals for pets who have emotional and behavior issues.

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Holistic Dog - Treating K9 Pain, Stress & Ailments Naturally: 

Learn how holistic therapies and alternative medicine can help ease dog pain, stress, anxiety and common ailments such as allergies, intestinal upsets, arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, K9 cancer and more. 

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Create a Healing Spirit Art Doll: Learn to create a Healing Spirit Doll & Ornaments using branches, sticks, recycled trinkets and eco-friendly paper clay.

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